For decades, hospitals like ships, have navigated the stormy waters of healthcare without a compass. Hospitals are inundated with data, metrics, and dashboards, but without a True North, hospitals lack critical information to chart a course. There are no unbiased industry standards or measurements about what is good or better.

At ATEX Financial, we empower healthcare providers to make better decisions through claims data securely and directly sourced from hospitals. We harness the power of their aggregated, de-identified information and allow them to anonymously share the analysis amongst each other for the good of the industry. We believe in data from hospitals for hospitals.


ATEX Financial and the AHA Vitality Index:
Data from Hospitals for Hospitals

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AHA Vitality Index™, powered by ATEX Financial, is about empowering hospitals through aggregated and de-identified data. The solution allows hospitals to benchmark their performance safely and anonymously against other hospitals and to understand if the payers treat them equitability and fairly.

AHA Vitality Index™ transforms common healthcare transactions into compelling data which will revolutionize internal and external efficiency and transparency. We are at an information apex, with the opportunity to provide true transparency throughout the entire healthcare industry. Here is a powerful tool which will allow hospitals to measure their progress by uniting and aggregating their data for the common good.

Providers utilizing AHA Vitality Index™ can:
• Compare claim and remit metrics within Velocity, Variety, Volatility and Value quadrants
• Evaluate metrics comparing defined peer relationships
• Review payer-specific assessments for targeted analysis

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INSIGHT™ powered by ATEX Financial, is redefining the idea of healthcare “transparency.” The new executive order, effective January 2021, requires hospitals to disclose cost estimate for at least 300 procedures to consumers. The regulation also requires hospitals to post a comprehensive machine-readable file that includes the following standard charges for all hospital items and services: gross charges, discounted cash prices, payer-specific negotiated allowables, and de-identified minimum and maximum negotiated allowables.

With INSIGHT™, consumers can:
• Access through a cloud-based solution through a PC, tablet, or mobile device.
• Access their healthcare benefit information.
• Generate their own estimates and to shop their healthcare.

With INSIGHT™, providers can:

• Cost-effectively satisfy the Rule CMS-1717-2,
180.50 – Requirements for making public hospital standard charges for all items and services.
180.60 – Requirements for displaying shoppable services in a consumer-friendly manner.

• Proactively engage their patient communities by providing a specific cost estimates.

INSIGHT+™ powered by ATEX Financial, allows hospitals to educate their patients by generating an estimate at or before the time of service. Patient estimates help patients plan and prepare for the financial obligation.

INSIGHT+™ is a cost-effective, claims-based, estimation solution that seamlessly integrates real-time insurance verification and eligibility. Patient estimation transforms the discussion about patient payments into discussion about advocacy and responsibility thereby reducing the stress of the unknown and confusion of out-of-pocket costs.

With INSIGHT+™, providers can:

• Securely access through a cloud-based solution through a PC, tablet, or mobile device.
• Cost effectively generates an estimated out of pocket cost and use this estimate to collect patient payments pre-service.
• Allow providers to educate patients about their benefits and advocate for the patient prior to service.
• Using historical claims, calculate an estimate for the total “encounter of care” instead of a “line item”
contractual reimbursement.

Clarity™ powered by ATEX Financial, transforms the financial utilization and valuation of healthcare accounts receivable (A/R) for asset-backed loans and lines of credit. As an independent financial custodian, Clarity™ acts as an impartial intermediary between hospitals and banks enabling the functions for settlement, reconciliation, and auditing.

With Clarity™, providers can:
• Realize greater liquidity for A/R used as asset-based collateral.
• Reduce the overhead to value, monitor, and report repayment.

With Clarity™, banks can:
• Increase working capital and lend more to hospitals.
• Increase value and decrease risk associated with A/R based collateral.
• Increase transparency and reduce audit of collateral.

PHI Scrubber™, powered by ATEX Financial, deidentifies PII/PHI data transmitted for HL7 837 and 835 claims and remittance files. The virtual system is installed within the hospital’s environment and deidentifies files as it forwards messages through sFTP on to their destination.

With the PHI Scrubber™, hospitals can:
• Confidently and securely transfer 837/835 EDI transactions of any size.
• Preserve the EDI file structure integrity while maintaining complete PHI security.


ATEX Financial, LTD (formerly Healthcare TTU, Inc) was founded by banking and healthcare professionals looking for technology to disrupt the healthcare industry. The ATEX Vitality IndexTM is the latest healthcare product launched from this innovative team. This is not, however, the first inspired transparency solution launched by leading members of the organization.

ATEX Financial is led by Travis Gentry and Tim Estes who founded Financial Healthcare Systems, LLC (FHS Corp) in 2005. FHS Corp was one of the early pioneers of another level of healthcare transparency, patient estimation. Tim and Travis designed ClearQuote® in 2005 to provide a contractual estimate of a patient’s expected out of pocket.

Collaboration between the healthcare and banking team at ATEX was necessary as the early efforts for the company was developing an innovative financing solution for healthcare providers. Realizing the need to translate healthcare operational information to provide financial insight into how proficiently a healthcare provider collects cash, the opportunity for the healthcare industry to join together and share blinded operational efficiency data for the ATEX Vitality IndexTM was developed.

We look forward to connecting revolutionary healthcare providers to lead the nation into a new age of transformational transparency.

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